HURIS® Skills Directory

It may or may not be true that the ACADEMIA segment has been overused.  In addition to  the elements of the education delivery process itself, the following generally have been included in ACADEMIA: academic disciplines, intellectual pursuits and research areas which have no overriding connection to one of the other segments.  Particular emphasis has been given to mathematics, science, engineering and technical skills.  Skills which are primarily clinical normally have been assigned to HEALTHCARE while those that relate primarily to the practical aspects of agriculture usually are assigned to BUSINESS.  However, many skills which could be viewed as clinical or agricultural are located in the ACADEMIA segment.  Humanities are divided between ACADEMIA and the ARTS.

The HURIS® Skills Directory incorporates most of the 9,500 unique, human skills which we have identified to date.  A portion has been included in the internet version so far.  In addition, roughly 6,500 sample task descriptors have been developed.  The concept of 'task' may be thought of as a logical extension of the concept 'skill', but the two generally are treated separately.  We subscribe to the distinction but have included a few tasks for explanatory purposes and shall provide further discussion in the weeks to come.  In the mean time, we encourage you to begin each task descriptor with a verb and to limit each task descriptor to seventy (70) characters (including any spaces).  We have prepared a reference list cataloging more than 5,700 verbs (process elements) for your use.

In closing we would like to make two final points.  (1) There is a theoretical side to the HURIS® Skills Directory as well as the more obvious practical side.  We anticipate that the Directory will evolve into a single integrated model of individual and organizational functions.  We believe the current Directory is an important step in that direction.  (2) Much time and effort has gone into the development of the framework and content, but it should not be treated as the final word.  This is very much a work in progress particularly with respect to what has been implemented in the on-line version.  Perhaps your needs would be more fully satisfied if adaptations and refinements were made.  Old clusters might be enlarged.  New clusters might be added.  The structure and  links might be revised.  Indeed we hope you give real thought to all of these.  Much can be gained from a critical analysis even if one does not make a single change.  As a minimum one will become familiar with the structure and content as the pros and cons of various potential changes